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Welcome to Saje & Vine - We deliver the best charcuterie gift baskets in Vancouver.

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Delivering the Best Gift & Charcuterie Experience

If you’ve ever wanted to host a party or deliver the perfect gift; but were unsure of where to begin, we’ve got you covered. Entertaining and gifting the Charcuterie experience has just been simplified!

Why Saje & Vine Charcuterie as a Gift?

My name is Saijal, and I am the founder of Saje & Vine Charcuterie.  I’ve been brought up in Vancouver BC, and have been fortunate to have traveled around the world at a young age.  In doing so, I have become passionate about finding hidden gems when it comes to fine food and wine.   I have taken my world view and put it into my vision for charcuterie in Vancouver.  Saje and Vine is all about being local.  I have been brought up in Vancouver, and have come to appreciate BC's culinary contribution to the world.  All of our world themed Charcuterie items are made from locally sourced, sustainable products.

We manufacture and procure the best charcuterie products from within BC.  We source the best ingredients from passionate local suppliers.  We view our suppliers as the new age “Artisans” of Canada and simplify the process of ordering and delivering these great gems to our customers.

I have always respected charcuterie as a culinary platform - an artistic canvas, on which we procure flavors and delightful pairings.  In today’s busy world most people appreciate the finer things in life, however procuring artisan meats, spreads and dips are challenging for most hosts. We bring it all together and deliver the Charcuterie experience.We manufacture and procure the best charcuterie products from within BC.  We source the best ingredients from passionate local suppliers.  We view our suppliers as the new age “Artisans” of Canada and simplify the process of ordering and delivering these great gems to our customers.

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What Is Charcuterie Gift Basket?

It originated as a French tradition, charcuterie (pronounced "shahr-ku-tuh-ree") is the art of preparing and assembling finely crafted, cured meats and cheese products. The chef that prepares the meat is called a Charcutier. The charcuterie concept has become very popular outside of France, and has evolved to include a variety of foods besides just meat and cheese. In essence, a charcuterie board is an assortment of artisan dips, spreads, breads, olives and accompaniments, all delicately arranged on a serving board.

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Benefits of Gifting Charcuterie

Among all varieties of gifts, the gift basket is still the best for personal and corporate events. Whether a loved one or your companys' staff - here are 3 benefits to charcuterie gift baskets.

Enhance Corporate Morale

The holidays and special events at the office bring about a great opportunity for managers to display a token of appreciation to their staff. If your organization has hit a milestone or excelled during the year, a gift basket, small or large, would be an excellent gift to ensure they feel recognized and valued. It not only improves the overall corporate environment but also motivates staff to excel for the greater good and prosperity of the company.

Grow your Business

Connect with your existing customers and reach new potential clients! Sending a charcuterie gift basket to your clients is an excellent way to expand your business. Charcuterie as a gift is unique and will be the talking point of your next meeting. Thus strengthening your relationship. By attaching a custom message to your charcuterie gift, it's perceived as being much more personal, thus memorable.

Universally Accepted

A gift basket is a perfect gift for any occasion. Be it a corporate retreat, christmas, anniversary or even birthday- Fine foods are loved by everyone. With customization options, you can create a specific themed basket based on event or dietary restrictions (ie. Vegan, Glucose intolerant etc.). In addition, the tray in which the gift is delivered becomes a permanent memory that the recipient gets to keep. The Saje and Vine chartcuterie gift tray is made of real wood, that is professional crafted. We also attach a personal card to all gift orders, giving it a personal touch.

Today’s Charcuterie Defined

What started out as a branch of cooking that involved prepared meats, has now evolved into what’s known as the shared platter or even grazing.   Charcuteries around the world have transformed into an artform and is usually the centerpiece of conversation at most social gatherings.  That is the beauty of the Charcuterie experience - it is whatever you would like it to be.  Many people mix traditional charcuterie items with modern day twists.

Today you can find charcuteries with a Italian, Mediterranean or even Mexican perspective.  It is not uncommon to find bruschetta, hummus and salsa spreads at get-togethers.  This is probably why charcuterie experiences have become popular around the world.  Characterized by its ability to adapt to any culture and suite any event.

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Corporate Gift Ideas

Are you tired of sending office gifts to the dusty corners of your desk or closet? While good benefits, competitive salaries, and flexible perks may entice your staff to come aboard and stay for the long haul, it’s the unforeseen gestures that remind them of the true appreciation that the organization stands by. In today’s world it is so important to come up with neutral corporate gift ideas with originality and thoughtfulness in order to become an admired delicacy or treasured memory. Corporate gift baskets that comprise local and rare delicacies for your organization are a cost-effective way to strengthen relationships with your employees and clients. Corporate gifts are a valuable investment for most businesses and can also serve as a tax deduction. It’s so important to purchase your organization's gifts from vendors that provide a receipt under your business entity and also customize their packaging to suit your business’s brand. Beyond the business and accounting aspect, the best benefit of all when giving a corporate gift is in the potential increased loyalty or sales for your organization. Picking suitable days of the year is easy. Pick milestones… Besides the officially calendared gift-giving holidays, you can pick anniversaries, onboarding, promotions and staff appreciation days. Valued employees feel more engaged and they look forward to coming to the office as a great place to spend their time.

Customer Facing Employees

Corporate gifts can act as a strong incentive for customer-facing teams such as sales, marketing, and customer support. A thoughtful gift can enhance work satisfaction and boost productivity, making the daily grind a little bit better. A great gifting program can engage your staff in ways that cliche praises or yearly reviews just can’t match. It’s always the thought that counts! (along with a raise. LOL)

Employees Working From Home

Even though the pandemic is slowly passing us by, the work from home mentality is here to stay. Company’s such as Amazon, Google and the likes are allowing many of their employees to work a few days per week from their own homes. This is slowly now becoming the new reality. Corporate gifts for employees working from home are a great way to keep the staff connected. Many organizations have implemented programs and surprise events that improve remote work, making it healthier, more efficient, and more fun. Often people working from home may feel disconnected, if not interacted with for a long period of time. Here are some great gifts that can keep remote staff connected and engaged.

Happy Hour Box

What is it? A box filled with goodies for a virtual happy hour that delivers as much fun as you can find at any local bar. An individual charcuterie that is ideal for an employee zoom call. This allows all staff members to receive individualized gift charcuteries that can be simultaneously shared during a celebratory video call. Why employees working from home love this: They’ll love the ease and simplicity of popping open this box and finding everything they need for an instant party, including delicious treats, a beverage and even engaging icebreakers.

Individual Employee Gift Sip and Snack Box

What is it? A beautiful gift box stuffed with high quality local charcuterie snacks, and wine paired perfectly. This employee gift will not only support small batches and local artisans but it will be thoroughly enjoyed by your coworkers when they’re curled up around a nice fire or on a comfy couch at home. Why employees working from home love this: The perfect balance of a robust and smooth wine will complement the succulent sweetness of the organic snacks, chocolate, and delicately roasted almonds. Not to mention, your employees will feel good knowing the box has helped support local companies.

Back to the office

As some companies are creating back to the office programs, there are numerous ways to engage employees and get that sense of togetherness back from a long time away from the office. Individual Boxes for staff/client meetings These snack boxes are great for longer meetings with clients or staff! The value of these boxes are perceived far greater than most snack options and are engaging. Having a thoughtful snack provided by a company for either a long meeting, training/onboarding new employees really goes a long way by showing care and appreciation.

Meeting Gift Boards for in-person Collaboration

As employees are getting vaccinated and the scare of Covid is slowly fading away, boards to share amongst a group of people is a great alternative to individual boxes. Employees get the opportunity to get together and share and feel engaged at work and most of all appreciate the thoughtfulness of the company they work at.